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"There’s something fairy-tale-like about it, which is perfect, because fairy tales are all about innocence and ill will and the inevitability of terrible things. They’re all about the moment when the girl is no longer who she was."
— Nina LaCour                               

“Does it ever stop? The wanting you?”

"And that’s where Outlander is truly appealing to the sexuality of its straight female viewers. Instead of painting female pleasure on the male terms of the virgin/whore dichotomy, the audience is shown sex as a normal, matter-of-fact piece of the relationship puzzle. Sure, Jamie and Claire can’t get enough of each other on their wedding night, but their passion is forged by the connections made in the unhurried conversations that make up the bulk of the episode. Jamie is kind and Claire is emotionally conflicted, and their sex isn’t perfect or without fumbling. At one point in the now infamous wedding episode, Jamie stops mid-coitus to make sure he hasn’t hurt Claire. It’s a far cry from the violent thrusting and distressed shouts of a Game of Thrones sex scene."


“My bounty is as boundless as the sea,
My love as deep; the more I give to thee,
The more I have, for both are infinite.”

i. prelude - bonobo // ii. that moon song - gregory alan isakov // iii. if you go away - emiliana torrini // iv. the ocean - noah gunderson // v. out on the water - broken records // vi. drunken sailor - kelsey wild // vii. song for a siren - the jane austen argument // viii. there once was a pirate - spring awakening // ix. from my own true love (lost at sea) - the decemberists // x. i don’t think about you anymore, but i don’t think about you any less - hungry ghosts // xi. mad girl’s love song - carol ann mcgowan // xii. the shadow sea - patrick wolf // xiii. pirouette - lisa mitchell / xiv. another new world - josh ritter



but first, let me take a selkie (steals a mythical half-seal creature from scotland)



Outlander : a tale of one women’s love affair with alcohol 

Anonymous: my anonymous opinion of you is that you're so cool and intelligent and really really lovely and I really want to be your friend but I feel like I'm annoying you if I try and talk to you but I'm always checking out your blog like wow you are the coolest

oh anon, come here


there’s a 100% chance that you are not annoying me if you talk to me, so never hesitate to do so! i’m actually quite bad at starting conversations with people myself so i’m always pleased when they take the first step ;)

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